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My father traveled through Europe before I was born. When I was a kid, we used to lay on his bed and watch the photos projected on a wall by is old slide machine. Since then, I also dreamed of traveling.

I took a degree in Business and Management because I wanted to run a Hotel, but I ended up with a post graduation in Auditing and working in a multinational insurance company.

I started my own business, a book publisher and finally I started fulfilling the dream of travelling. I visited 25 countries since then, created 4 companies, sold one, and discovered that the most valuable thing in life are the people with whom you share it.

I have a growing passion for Asia, and for the beauty of Portugal. I usually say that I must have exploded as a child, and now I have to wander through the world to collect each and every piece of me throughout the world.

Meet Antonio and... Antonio

We are a personalized company in customer service. That's why we leave you our profile. We will be your hosts so it's only fare if you want to know us a bit better. 

Being a flight attendant since 2000, soon I started to wander about all over the world. But as a teenager I realized that what I really wanted was to meet new people and different cultures. That´s why I studied until I reached my degree in International Relations, and what better way to understand the world that surround us...


Today, I feel privileged to work as a flight attendant, it took me to places as far as the caravels that took the portuguese during the discoveries.


I´ve crossed more than 50 countries, I´ve been in war zone areas, I´ve worked for a Sheikh and as a cabin crew I also had the privilege to fly with princes and princesses.


Perhaps that´s the heritage that I´m carrying in my shoulders and that I want to share with you.

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